Running is an Emotional Rollercoaster | CoachUp Success Story

Coach Martise and her client Charles discuss their experience with CoachUp.

Charles: I decided to hire a coach, because my first race I did, I totally undertrained, I didn’t train right, and I wanted to start doing well at these races. Martise Moore: I first met Charles through CoachUp. We initially started with his form. It wasn’t as efficient as we would like. Charles: We just went over placement of foot. I was doing a lot of heel striking, moved over to the midfoot. Running faster, less effort, making better PRs. Coach Martise had great reviews, I just sent her a quick message and she got back to me within the first couple hours, been doing it for four months. Martise: He had just finished his first 25k, and he wanted to run a 50k. He’s always coming to me trying to figure out how can I do this better, how can I feel stronger at the end? Charles: Everyone always talks about the runner’s high, but when you’re running ultra’s it’s times ten. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, knowing how to handle those valleys is essential. It’s when I look at the 50 miles like an impossible feat, and that’s why I do it.

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