REST for Better Performance

Rest is important to recovery and is needed for an athlete to perform at their best. But there’s another rest that will make a difference in performance. 

Recognize. Evaluate. Select. Trust.

  1. Recognize. Know what’s going on. Do an environment and situation check. Be aware of what’s happening internally as well.
  2. Evaluate. Receive the signs and signals. Asses the situation. Evaluation is about perspective. Make it a habit to celebrate things going right. Stay away from the negative. 
  3. Select. Decide what to do. Visualize the process. Relax and breathe, then go for it. 
  4. Trust. Believe in the decision you have made and execute with confidence.

As you go through this process, stick with it. Each step leads to the next and provides clarity. Clarity creates more freedom. Freedom allows you to perform with less and less interference. 

All together, you will be able to experience consistent elevated performance. 


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