Pressure point applications should be an intergral part of every self-defense technique. Whether it be striking, touching, rubbing, grabbing, or joint locking techniques, attacking the nervous system of the human body will greatly increase your chances for a successful defense. Kyusho-jitsu (vital points) levels the “playing field” by causing varying degrees of consciouness, and dysfunction, through a weakening of the anatomical structure of the body.

Let’s analyze the most common method of utilizing “pressure points” with striking. As most street attacks will be administered by individuals who have “experience” and are usually larger and stronger than the “victim,” striking the vital points of the human anatomy such as: the temples, throat, sides and back of the neck, eyes, solar plexus, ribs (liver area) groin, and the inside of the legs. will enable you to nullify a serious attack. Weapons that you use include the common fist (soft areas of the body) the edge of the hand (chop ) palm heel, elbow, knee, foot, and even the head ( butt ) .To familarize yourself with the exact location of the pressure points, I recommend an instructional book on accupun-cture and accupressure, to show the exact locations. Accuracy is important, as you want to penetrate the pressure points with depth and intent.

Another scenario in applying pressure points is through touch and rubbing. Take for example, an attacker placing you in a “bear hug”, A strong person could virtually squeeze and break your ribs, or at least cause you some devastating pain. A good defense against this type of assault would be to push the attackers upper lip back forcefully (base of nose), causing an instant release, followed up by a knee thrust to the groin. then escape. Another method would be to place your thumbs in the eye sockets.(many nerves surround the eyes) then kick to the grion, and escape. The victim is not ‘ helpless” if he/she has some knowledge of pressure points of the body.

Even “grabbing” is effective when administered on pressure points. Think about grabbing around the the Adams Apple when being held, or grabbing at the ears and twisting, pressing the fingers into the mastoid area right behind the ear. All of these easy, but highly effective responses will give the victim time to escape the situation and flee.

What is required from you is to learn self-defense applications which include a serious study of how to attack the pressure points of the head and body. These proven applications will definitely improve your chances of surviving a street attack, and minimize serious injury to you and your loved ones.

Thank you again for your time. Train hard and train smart!

Tom B.
Martial arts coach