The Karate Kid follows Daniel LaRusso in his quest to overcome a bully by beating him in a karate tournament. Unfortunately for Daniel, his bully is much stronger and more experienced in karate. Daniel soon encounters his neighbor Mr. Miyagi, who reluctantly agrees to give him private karate lessons . Mr. Miyagi has unconventional methods, but his wisdom prevails as Daniel goes on to defeat his nemesis in the end. Here are few lessons that you can take from Mr. Miyagi’s private coaching.

Apply Yourself

Daniel’s response to Mr. Miyagi’s query of whether he was ready to learn karate is “I guess so”. Mr. Miyagi sagely informs Daniel he must choose between walking on the left or right side of the road, as walking down the middle will only get him squished. This metaphor is applicable to all walks of life, especially sports training. You must apply yourself and make proactive decisions rather than wait for things to come to you. Having a positive attitude can only help you improve.

Be Patient

Daniel is surprised that his first karate lesson with Mr. Miyagi will include him washing and waxing a car. Little does he know that Mr. Miyagi is teaching him the fundamentals of defensive blocking. As with any activity, it is important to first master the basics. Learning basic skills can be frustrating, but they are crucial to learn if you want to build upon them. Achieving discipline in your technique is also important. Once you have discipline and proper form down, advanced skills will be easy to learn.

Focus On the Right Things

Daniel asks Mr. Miyagi what kind of belt he has and receives a very witty answer. Mr. Miyagi tells him his belt is from J.C. Penny rather than what karate belt he has achieved. In answering this way, Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel that his focus should be on improving his technique and discipline rather than displaying potential accomplishments. Setting a benchmark to strive for is a good idea, but getting lost in potential achievements may compromise your improvement.

It is important to remember that Daniel’s success in the movie was due to his hard work with Mr. Miyagi. Daniel’s private coach made the difference by providing him with the expertise and motivation he needed to reach another level. If you want to reach another level in your sport, be sure to check out the rest of CoachUp’s resources.

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