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Softball Hitting Tips: How To Hit an Outside Pitch

Former University of Southern Maine first baseman and CoachUp coach Jesse Hutchins shows how to hit the outside pitch. Be sure to keep your hands inside the ball and work it to the opposite field!

Jesse Hutchins: Hi I’m Jesse Hutchins, former USM first baseman and CoachUp coach. And this is hitting an outside pitch. The key to hitting an outside pitch is not to change the mechanics of your swing, but rather where you make contact with the ball. Once the pitch is thrown, you’re gonna keep your eyes on the ball. When you see that it’s outside, you’re then gonna move your hands to the ball. Wait for the ball to get deep into the zone, you’ll have a better chance to hit the sweet spot of the bat and make the ball go opposite field. Make sure that your hands stay inside the ball. You’re gonna pivot your back foot, then you’re gonna follow through in the direction that you want the ball to go.

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