Basketball Tips: The Pro Hop

CoachUp coach and former professional point guard Brandon Ball, explains how to beat a defender and get to the basket using the pro hop.

Basketball Tips: The Pro Hop Brandon: Hi my name is Brandon Ball, former pro point guard and CoachUp coach. “Ball up into the lane. Scoops it up and in!” Brandon: And this is the pro hop. A pro hop is used to beat a defender under control and get a quality shot at the basket. Alright, using the pro hop, so you’re driving to the basket, just beat your primary defender, or you could be in transition. Make sure you’re low, make sure you’re balanced, make sure you’re eyes are on the rim. So let’s say someone is trying to take a charge in transition, or let’s just say you just beat your primary defender. Make sure you protect the ball. There are two ways to protect the ball. You can cup it like this, like you’re a running back, or you can rip it over the defender’s head when you jump. Make sure you come down on two feet. Come down on both feet, if you stagger your steps it’s a travel. Make sure you come down on both feet and you power up and you make a strong lay up.

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