Yoga Tips: How To Do The Tree Pose

Megan Quinn, Vinyasa yoga instructor and CoachUp coach  helps us relax by introducing the tree pose in her yoga session.

Tree pose is a great posture to practice balance and it also illustrates a fundamental principle in yoga, where you feel both balanced as well as light.

To come into tree pose, you’re going to start standing in tadasana or mountain pose. Ground down through the left foot and lift your left knee cap so your left quad is engaged, which will help you remain stable as you balance. Then you lift the right foot into the air and place the sole of the foot anywhere alongside of the left leg that’s not right on the knee. Hands can stay at heart center or you can inhale them above your head. And a good tip is to set your gaze on a point unmoving in front of you, this is called setting your drishti and it allows you to balance a little bit easier. Hold for three to five breaths, and then when you’re ready to come out, you lower your hands back to your heart, and then slowly straighten your leg and replace it alongside your left foot.

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