How to Manage Lazy Athletes

Lazy athletes are becoming more and more popular due to many factors, including the generation of gaming and the fear for safety outside of the home.

When developing a plan for an athlete who comes in and is lazy, you really have to think outside the box. There are numerous ways to get a lazy athlete to focus and work hard, and one thing I have found to be successful is to make strong conversation with the client to find out what drives them and what they are passionate about.

Taking this information into account, I develop my training drills to relate to whatever that may be. For instance, when I have a client who is a gamer and talks about the games he plays, I try to describe the purpose for a particular drill that would relate to the success found in gaming.

It is easy to get frustrated with a lazy athlete but as a coach, we are there to make these athletes better. With a lazy athlete, I sometimes start my lesson with something fun that gets the body moving and activating the brain cells that stimulate the feeling of fun. This generation of athlete requires a more individual approach that incorporates sport psychology into training. You, as a coach, have to find out that thing that makes a player “tick”. By developing an inviting and fun training plan, you will see success in how to handle lazy athletes.

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