How To Cradle A Lacrosse Ball | CoachUp Lacrosse Tips

Midfielder Mike Stone of the Boston Cannons shows how to properly cradle a lacrosse ball.

Mike Stone: I’m Mike Stone, midfielder for the Boston Cannons and CoachUp coach. And this is cradling. Cradling helps you control the ball and retain control of the ball when being checked. Make sure you have good control of your stick when cradling, by having your bottom hand at the bottom of your stick and your top hand at the top of your stick. Your top hand is gonna do most of the cradling motion, while your bottom hand is just gonna keep the stick anchored, down by your pocket. Your top hand placement is gonna be up by your shoulder level, and you’re gonna have a fairly loose grip on the stick so that you can create a cradling motion by moving your hands in and out of a fist.

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