Put on some music and dance your way to a healthy lifestyle. In recent years, the physical benefits of dance have been peeking the interests of athletes all over the country. Some college and NFL football players have even reported taking ballet lessons to improve their flexibility and make them lighter on their feet. But physical benefits are not the only advantages of dancing. Dance incorporates a connection between mind and body, which leads to a number of health benefits. Dance therapy has become popular among cancer patients as a way to improve mental and emotional health. Whether you choose to dance in your living room or take dance lessons, dancing is a great way to stay fit, healthy, and happy. Here are three ways dance can benefit you:

Physical benefits:

When we think of dancers, we think of flexibility. This association comes from seeing the full range of motion that dancers have in all the major muscle groups. Increasing the flexibility of your muscles can prevent injuries. Dancers are not only nimble and flexible; they are also incredibly strong and fit. Jumping and leaping, two large components of dancing, require an enormous amount of strength. Because dancing is a weight bearing exercise, it also increases the strength and density of your bones. As an aerobic exercise, your muscles are at work for the duration of the routine. This makes dancing a great way to elevate your endurance and promote cardiovascular health.

Emotional benefits:

As with any exercise, dancing releases endorphins, which make you feel happy. Dance can also eliminate stress and anxiety. Dancers also feel the ability to express their innermost emotions through dance that they would otherwise be forced to bottle up. Having a healthy outlet to express yourself is beneficial for your emotional wellbeing. Dance therapy is even being used to help treat depression. Dance can help you both lose weight and become in tune with your body, which will improve your sense of body image.

Mental benefits:

The art of dance is a type of nonverbal communication. Learning how to express your thoughts and feelings through dance can help enhance your overall communication skills. Recent mental health studies have shown that learning certain dances like the cha-cha or ballroom have improved memory and cognitive function, and participants were less likely to suffer from cognitive illnesses. Remembering and performing different dance steps helps you improve the strength of your memory and nervous system.

If you are aspiring to take your dancing to another level or enjoy the benefits that it can provide, just remember to let loose and have fun. Check out CoachUp for more dance tips and information on private dance coaches in your area.

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