Keeping Your Swing On Track

Keeping Your Swing On Track

Going through a slump is a simply unavoidable fate, even for the world’s best athletes. However, a slump in golf can be absolutely deadly given its individual nature. In baseball, players can nosedive into streaks of thirty consecutive outs; or a basketball player might miss his first fourteen shots from the field and his team could still easily win. But in golf? Disaster strikes with slump — you’ll shank shots, miss easy putts, and spend plenty of time diving for lost balls as your score inflates.

Whether it’s a slight hitch in form, poor confidence, or any other number of difficulties, losing your perfect swing can be the kiss of death for a golfer. For other sports, it’s completely possible to contribute to a team’s success without a shooting or batting, but for a golfer? They must swing a golf club any time they do anything on the course, which means having your swing on track is crucial.

CoachUp has put together a checklist of tips for any golfer to consider while trying to fix their swing. Slump or not, keeping your swing on track is a habit athletes need to practice each time on the course. Don’t get lazy and go through the motions — just follow these steps and you’ll be more accurate and consistent in no time. Start with the half swing as you check off your skills and fundamentals and once you’ve got those down, move on to the full speed approach.

Good Drive Golf

Mechanics of the Half Swing
There are fundamental positions for both the golf club and body during a full swing. By comparing where you are against a normal, more typical swing, you can build a solid and reliable swing tailor-made for your style and comfortability.

To grip correctly, use light pressure and make sure you see three knuckles on the left hand. Together, your hands should feel like a single unit. Pick an object a few feet in front of ball that’s in direct line with the target and square your clubface to it. Your feet should be shoulder width apart with your knees flexed and slightly bent at hips. Try to feel balanced and athletic like a shortstop would while waiting for a grounder. Your chin should be up and your back straight. Make your arms and shoulders form a straight triangle and the butt of the club should be pointing at your navel.

Push the club back with your left hand and remember to keep your arm relatively straight. Place 80% of your weight and energy on your back foot. Then, your right foot will initiate the downswing and your hands should drop slightly into the delivery position as your weight moves towards the front foot.

Slap through the ball fully and hold the club square until after the edge is waist high. As the club continues forward, your right arm should be straight while the left will begin to fold. By now, you’ll have transferred 90% of your weight to your front foot and your back shoulder should be pointing at the target as your knees touch.

Progressing To A Full Swing
Once you’re hitting the ball solidly, you can add the last 10% by folding your right arm up until your hands reach shoulder height. As your begin to feel more comfortable and accurate with the half swing, transition to full speed and use all the techniques you’ve learned above.

Rule of Three
The Rule of Three swing system will make you a better and more consistent ball striker. Most importantly, you’ll understand your swing and how to fix it when something goes wrong. Start with your desired club of choice and do our aforementioned drill. Once you hit three consecutive balls well from the half swing, expand to a full one. Once you hit three consecutive balls well, move on to your next club. If you begin making mistakes or hitting balls you’re unhappy with, move back to your half swing. Remember, at the end of the day, this is for your complete and absolute benefit — there is no race to finish, so take your time. Repeat the process until you reach your driver or you feel comfortable with your progress.

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Huddle Up

Once you’ve done the drill a few times, you’ll gain the ability to evaluate your game and make the necessary changes. You’ll be well on your way to a consistent, productive swing in no time. If you’re still struggling with certain parts of your swing, consider booking one of CoachUp’s private trainers for guidance. They’ll help you discover the smallest details interfering with your game and work towards eliminating them. However, if you follow our tips and utilize the Rule of Three drill, you’ll slowly begin to identify and fix problems on your own. Don’t cut corners and take the time to understand your swing and you’ll be hitting more accurately in no time! What are you waiting for?

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