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4 Workout Training Levels to Reach Another Level

Athletes and parents often ask: “How many and how much of an exercise should be done?”

The answer to this question varies based on the skill and development of the athlete and it’s important to understand training concepts and training levels.  

Training Concepts

  1. Sets – A group of repetitions done repeatedly.
  2. Reps – Short for repetitions and represents the number of times an action or exercise will be repeated.
  3. Time – How long the action or activity will take place without stopping.
  4. Distance – The amount of space between the starting point and end point for an action or exercise.
  5. Rest – The amount of time between sets.

The following is for you to consider when training to reach another level. 

Training Levels

Understanding the above helps athletes train better by choosing the appropriate training level. Generally, there are four levels for training: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite. Below describes what to do for each level.


  • Sets – 2
  • Reps – 4  
  • Time – 20 Seconds
  • Distance – 10 Yards
  • Rest – 30 Seconds


  • Sets – 3
  • Reps – 8  
  • Time – 30 Seconds
  • Distance – 15 Yards
  • Rest – 30 Seconds


  • Sets – 4
  • Reps – 12
  • Time – 40 Seconds
  • Distance – 20 Yards
  • Rest – 60 Seconds


  • Sets – 4
  • Reps – 15
  • Time – 60 Seconds
  • Distance – 30 Yards
  • Rest – 60 Seconds

Use this information as a foundation for the actions and exercises done to reach another level. Based on experience and situations, each can be adjusted as needed.


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