Fundamentals: How to Throw a Left Uppercut

The Left Uppercut

Similar to the Right Uppercut, the Left Uppercut is delivered in an upward motion and is best to throw in close range, and in response to a movement of your opponent. The most important part of throwing the left uppercut is starting in the correct position. It’s important to keep the knees bent while rotating the right hip forward as you pull the left hip backward to coil the hips and legs to explode with rotational force as you return to your basic boxing position. It is the combination of the upward thrust & rotation of the hips which creates the bulk of the power in the left uppercut.

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Fundamental Left Uppercut 

  • hrown in the same manner as a basic “looping” left hook except you twist your hand so that your palm is facing your chest upon impacted (supinated)
  • Punch is delivered in a slight upward motion.
  • Snatch elbow & hand back into position once punch is completed.


  • Must be set up carefully. For instance: by forcing opponent to slip or duck a punch, or waiting until opponents head on the inside.
  • This punch is best used against a shorter opponent.

Benefits of Punch 

  • Generates more leverage from the body
  • Delivers more power from the lats and biceps
  • If opponent cannot be hit with straight punches & hooks, this usually means they are open for an uppercut.


  • Can be thrown as a punch to opponents upper midsection, also known as the solar plexus.
  • Throwing this punch insures that you will make contact in some way, shape, or form and not miss entirely.
  • This is also a very sensitive part of the body — below sternum, above the abs — that cannot be built up with muscle.
  • This punch will incur damage to either arm, vital organs, or chin if opponents head is low.

Fighters to Study

  • Mike Tyson
  • Joe Frazier
  • Oscar De La Hoya
  • Sandy Saddler
  • Riddick Bowe

Other Punches: Jab, Straight Right Hand, Left Hook, Right Uppercut, Left Uppercut

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