Here we will focus on the best way for a youth quarterback to practice before an upcoming football season or game. This is not meant to replace the practices organized by a coach or team. These football drills and techniques are designed to be done in individual practices. They are meant to be done alone or with a partner or coach. These drills and techniques are currently being used by professional football coaching staffs and collegiate football programs across the country. These drills are meant to begin training your body to prepare for situations that may arise in a game and to take you from being “good” to GREAT!

Currently, many young quarterbacks lack proper footwork in organized football. Proper footwork is necessary when dropping back to throw the ball effectively. Many of the best quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, and Steve Young have realized that dominating the QB position requires more than just having a strong arm. In much of their personal training and off season preparation, they designed workouts dedicated to proper footwork.

Drop Back Drill

Proper footwork and the ability to drop back into the pocket allow a quarterback to quickly read the defense and decreases the chances of getting sacked. These skills, combined with adequate arm strength, are crucial to being recruited by top tier collegiate football programs.


This drill increases a quarterback’s quickness when dropping back into 3, 5, 7 step drops. You will learn the fundamentals of properly setting your feet to throw the football while maximizing rotation of the hip and shoulder.

This drill requires an exercise band wrapped around the ankles (preferably a band that has expandable handles with 5-10 pounds resistance). You will also need a football to hold and 15-20 yards of space.

Step 1:
Adjust the band until you only have 1 foot between your feet, while the band is still un-stretched.
Step 2:
Start in a position ready to receive a snap. (Keep your feet a bit less than shoulder width apart. Keep the football in your throwing hand extended under the Center.)
Step 3:
Practice your cadence and on “hut” or “set”, begin to drop back. If you are RIGHT HANDED, step backwards with your right foot while keeping your left foot planted. Then, rotate your shoulders so your left shoulder is pointing down field. Keep the ball properly gripped with your right hand. Hold the ball up near your chin, and use your left hand to support the bottom of the football.
Next, bring your left foot through past the right foot. Follow with your right foot. With each step, you should be stretching the band as much as possible. You should also try to drop back as quickly as possible.
Step 4:
15 -20 yards, STOP, STAND TALL, maintain a good base (shoulder width apart) then step to your target and throw.
Step 5:
Repeat steps 1-4, five times and rest 15-30 seconds between each set. You would do this drill in 3 sets, thus a total of 15 reps. This drill should be performed twice a week minimum to receive the full benefit.
Coaching Tips

Over emphasize and exaggerate the steps on this drill. Take large strides and maintain proper form and speed. Do not be afraid to stretch the exercise band, it won’t break.
You should feel a burn in your groin and inner thighs if you are doing this drill correctly.
Do every rep as fast as you can while emphasizing stretching the band each time.
Always keep your head up and eyes looking straight ahead. Don’t look at the exercise band or your feet.
Tom Brady and Matt Hassleback probably have the purest drop back forms. Imitate their footwork when doing this football drill.