Today we introduce Coach Stephen H.! Stephen is from Texas, played for TCU, and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. He had a successful playing career and now is interested in coaching the sport that he loves. He helps kids with both the physical and mental aspects of the game, living by the motto: “Leave it all on the field”.

Tell us about your experience in football.

I started football at the age of 9 in East Texas. In high school I started quarterback and defensive back. I came from a huge football family. I played for TCU on a full scholarship where I became a starter halfway through junior year. That year I lead the nation for sacks by a defensive back. After college I was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. Also, I coached my nephew Jalen Overstreet, a quarterback at the University of Texas. I helped him in reading coverage, the importance of hard work and leading by example at quarterback.

Why private coaching?

I feel like you get a lot done being a private coach. Kids really benefit from one-on-one football training sessions as opposed to football camps. Kids need repetition and personal instruction in order to succeed at the next level. I enjoy seeing my client improve from the moment we start to the end. It is fulfilling to hear one of my athlete’s success story and to know that I had something to do with it.

What can a client expect from private lessons with you?

They can expect honesty, hard work, and dedication. They can expect to be mentally and physically pushed to the limit. I will coach them up and push them to new levels of play.

What is your coaching style?

I believe in up-tempo football, so I like to see hard work and mental toughness out of my athletes. I want to know what a kid is made of when he is tired. Is he going to give me his best or just quit? Part of my coaching is making a kid believe in himself and making him a winner.

Who is your favorite coach and why?

My coach at TCU. Coach Patterson grew us up as young men. He coached us on and off the field. He wanted his defensive players to all be on the same page and speak the same defensive language. He taught us to strive for perfection on both sides of the ball.

What are some highlights of your athletic career?

I have three favorites. At the end of my season at TCU, picking off Kellen Moore was amazing. Also, being chosen for first team All-Mountain West. Finally, being invited to the NFL Combine and competing with all of those amazing athletes was a life-changing experience.