Effort Contributes to Success | CoachUp Success Story

CoachUp coach Matt and his client Jacob tell the story of how private coach makes huge influence on an athlete and helps the athlete succeed.

Bill Atwood: When you work with your son in sports, at some point you get to a place where you can’t really help them that much because either, you don’t have those skills, or the game has changed, or you never knew to offer those suggestions. So seeing Matt give Jacob advice that I knew I would never be able to give was really gratifying. So Jacob is a very energetic player and that is a strength of his, but also a weakness. He doesn’t play with enough control, and I think he was a little frustrated. We didn’t really know how to find a good coach, so my wife went online and she found CoachUp, and we decided to go with Matt, I could tell right away he was going to be a great influence on Jacob.

Coach Matt: Jacob and I have been working together for about six weeks, I’d say. It’s a lot of fun, he’s a hard worker you can tell he really is enthusiastic about learning the game and he’s an easy player to teach.

Jacob: I’m really lucky I think to work with someone as experienced as Matt is. It’s just been a great time.

Bill: Matt has been really the perfect fit. He pushes Jacob hard, but not too hard. His demeanor is upbeat, and I think he instills the kind of confidence in Jacob that a coach could.

Matt: I think he’s seeing the benefits of our workouts. I can tell that he’s taking what I taught him, focusing on the few things that he can work on.

Jacob: He really knows the game, and has been clear about what I have to do to get better.

Matt: When you have the opportunity to get a one on one with a coach through CoachUp, you get a lot more out of that hour than you would on a team. It’s kind of like getting extra instruction from a teacher.

Jacob: My team coach, he’s really psyched I’m getting this extra work on the weekends. I think he’s really noticed a lot of things in my game that are a lot better.

Matt: It’s very beneficial to have both a private coach and your school team coach. The two go together. Again, just having a private coach is just gonna help you, along with that team coach as well. He’s probably gonna be thrilled that you have a private coach.

Jacob: He wants us to play as much as we can, so, I think me doing this on the weekends is a good thing, he likes that.

Bill: If you work hard at something, you get better. Sports is a place that you can see, day by day, that your effort is what makes you better. He’s seeing that his effort is definitely the thing that contributes to his success.

Matt: I think there’s a lot of parallels to a player on the court, and their lifestyle. About how disciplined they are, how hard they work. These traits just translate from the basketball world, to the schoolroom, to his everyday life.

Bill: One of the things on the team where he plays, he wasn’t the point guard. But after several sessions with Matt, he became the point guard. In his last game of the season, he ended up scoring 26 points. And a lot of that was just feeling confident to just take the shot, when the shot was open.

Jacob: It was like, probably the best game I’ve ever played. I scored like 26 points, my coach was totally impressed. I could just tell it was paying off.

Matt: You don’t become a good shooter overnight. It’s a lot of dedication, it takes a lot of hours. It’s just one thing that translates from your life on the court. Those attributes make you a good basketball player, make you a good shooter, make you a good student, make you a good overall person.

Bill: I would definitely recommend CoachUp to other friends, to athletes, to parents. It’s such a great model, the great thing with CoachUp is you find someone with expertise in that area, and that person can help you go to a new level, because after all, we should all be lifelong learners and CoachUp can give you the tools that you need, to continue to make progress.

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