CoachUp Awards 2013 Scholarships to Student-Athletes

CoachUp is pleased to announce the winners of their annual CoachUp Scholarship program.  Scholarship applicants submitted a personal essay, recommendation and video for consideration.  The scholarship program was conceived to support student-athletes who embody the CoachUp values of hard work, dedication, and integrity.  Each scholarship recipient was awarded $2,000 towards academic expenses and $500 towards private coaching.

The CoachUp Student-Athlete Scholarship was awarded to Silvia Ordonez from Los Angeles, CA.

Silvia’s academic track record and teacher recommendation proved her commitment to her studies, while her five marathon finishes and varsity soccer experience demonstrated her commitment to athletic excellence.  Silvia’s wit and passion best shined through in her personal essay and clever video submission.  Above all, Silvia is a genuine person and appreciative of the education and opportunities she has been able to take advantage of in her young career.  Those opportunities were important to Silvia because as she shared, they were not afforded to her own parents.

This award is intended for a student-athlete who is hungry for knowledge and is just as committed to academic excellence as sporting excellence.  Silvia thrives on learning and is committed to being the best she can be in every aspect of her life.  Her sports and academic career have always been intertwined in her life, and they have shaped her into the high achieving young woman she has become today.

Watch Silvia’s video

The CoachUp Inspirational Athlete Scholarship was awarded to Jasmine McMullin from Sequim, WA.

Jasmine’s athletic career and success are the byproduct of hard work, dedication and resiliency.  Jasmine’s father introduced her to the sport of running and had hopes that she would have a successful track career.  He passed away while running with Jasmine just before she entered high school.   Jasmine continued with the sport despite her father’s passing and remained dedicated to achieving success in track.  Although she did not find immediate success with running events, she stayed positive and gave field events a try. By her final year of high school Jasmine not only made states, but she did so in three events, achieved a top three finish in the triple-jump and broke her school record.

This award is intended for a student-athlete who has overcome obstacles or setbacks in the process of achieving their goals.  Jasmine endured an incredible hardship, yet through it all she remained positive and determined, eventually finding success through hard work and devotion both on the track and in the jumping pits.

Watch Jasmine’s Video  The CoachUp Community Leader Scholarship was awarded to Joshua Stallings from New Braunfels, TX.

Joshua has been volunteering his time and efforts to charitable outlets for most of his life.  His list of volunteer activities is admirable in itself, but the insights he has shared in his essay and video were most impressive.  Joshua shared how transformative each of his experiences has been and demonstrated how each experience has shaped him into the giving young man he has become.

This scholarship is awarded to a student-athlete who is a leader not only in their sport but in their community.  Namely, their dedication to “giving back” has made an impact in the lives of others.  In more ways than one Joshua has paid his good fortune forward to numerous people in his immediate communities, as well those in communities farther away.  Joshua’s philanthropy doesn’t end when a project has been completed.  Joshua’s continued dedication to helping others in need over the course of his life is an inherent part of his character and a demonstration of his impressive leadership.

Watch Joshua’s Video CoachUp is proud to name Silvia, Jasmine and Joshua as their 2013 CoachUp Scholarship award recipients.

CoachUp is happy to announce they will open and accept applications for their 2014 scholarships in February of next year, and plans to announce 2014 recipients at the end of the school year.  Visit for more information.


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