Boxing Tips: How To Parry Punches

New England Heavyweight Golden-Glove Champion and CoachUp Coach Brandon Montella shows the importance and mechanics of parrying punches.

Hi, I’m Brandon Montella, 2012 New England Heavyweight Golden Glove Champion of a Novice Class and CoachUp Coach. And this is the parry. The reason why we parry is to deflect an opponent’s attack. We can parry their jab and respond with a jab of our own or we can parry their jab and come over the top with the right hand. What’s beneficial about the parry is that if I throw a jab at you, you’re gonna deflect my punch and be able to counterpunch with a jab or a right hand of your own. So we’re gonna work on parrying that jab, all you’re gonna do is turn that mitt just like you’re catching a baseball. Here we go.

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