Best Warmup Exercises

The most underrated aspect of training is warming up. If your body is not properly prepared for the strain you are going to put on it, then there is a strong possibility you will not be able to reach your training goals. Also, you risk serious injury when you do not correctly warmup.

Jumping Jacks

My favorite warmup exercise is jumping jacks. You are able to loosen up your joints with movements that increase your range of motion. In addition, you can increase your heart rate and get the blood pumping through your entire body. The speed and quantity of this exercise can be adjusted to challenge each athlete to meet their individual goals. If you’re a beginner athlete, try adding fifteen jumpy jacks to your workout routine.

High knee/Butt kick combo

Nearly all workouts have an element of speed maintenance. This combo exercise should be executed at full speed, but with careful attention to technique. High knees is done by driving each knee as far as possible towards the chest while the opposite hand is moving forward. The foot should come down about half as far as a normal walking step. The goal is to get as many reps/steps as possible in a five yard distance. After two sets of high knees, proceed with butt kicks. These are done by holding your hands to your side and keeping your knees from bending. Then in a snapping motion, kick yourself in the rear. Once again you should get as many reps/steps as possible in a five yard distance. After two sets of butt kick try a combination of both exercises; begin with butt kicks and after five yards you immediately transition to high knees. Complete two sets of this combo.

Preparing your body for an intense workout takes proper planning. Adding jumping jacks will warm up the body’s muscles and increase your range of motion. The high knee/butt kick combo will activate your fast-twitch muscles and initiate muscle memory. Always remember to incorporate these two exercises into your warmup routine.

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