When the first quarter comes to an end, you might feel like you have enough energy to play every remaining minute in the basketball game. By the time the fourth quarter rolls around though, you can barely stand. It takes effort just to move your legs, and you’re hurting your team just by being on the court. If you got to this point, you’ve probably made a few mistakes with your basketball training. Here are a few basketball tips to improve your conditioning and keep your legs fresh at the end of a basketball game.

Strengthen and condition your legs. If you don’t work out your legs on a regular basis, you won’t be able to compete at the same level as your opponents. You should do plenty of running to build up your endurance and stamina. Strengthen and condition your body to withstand the physical demands of playing a basketball game.

Fuel your body. What you put into your body has an enormous effect on your athletic performance. Replenish your energy by eating foods with carbohydrates and drinking lots of fluids with electrolytes. Also, be sure to drink plenty of water. Dehydration leads to fatigue, so it’s important to get enough water before, during, and after your basketball game.

Warm up before the game. Warming up before your game should be more than running through a few layup lines. Dynamically stretching your legs gets your body prepared to run and jump. Try doing butt kicks, leg kicks, and high knees before the game. You can also do these stretches at halftime, after resting. If your muscles are tight, they will tire more quickly than if they were loose.

Rest during the game. Don’t exert too much energy if it’s not necessary. When your point guard is walking the ball up, you don’t have to sprint down the court. Rather, jog to your position, and get set for the play. Take your rest where you can get it. When you are subbed out or during a timeout, take a seat on the bench to rest your legs. When you come out of the game for a long period of time, put on your sweatpants to keep your muscles warm and loose.

Get more energy by incorporating this basketball training to your fitness regimen. If you Increase your endurance and stamina, you’ll have fresh legs in the fourth quarter and beyond.


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