Basketball Drills: The Form Shooting Drill

To be a great shooter, you need to have great technique. Jordan Fliegel, former professional forward and CoachUp coach, demonstrates a form shooting drill to help you improve your technique.

Hi I’m Jordan Fliegel, former pro-forward and CoachUp coach. And this is form shooting. If you want to be a great shooter, you need to have great technique. Form shooting is how you get there. The key to form shooting is that you have to start with the base. As a righty, you wanna take your left foot, put it half way up to your right foot, and get them shoulder width apart, nice and loose. You are gonna take your right hand (your shooting hand), have it underneath the ball, the guide hand is gonna be down straight by your side, get your knees nice and bent, eyes up on the rim, and slowly, you are gonna bring the ball up, without raising your legs, and in one strong motion you’re gonna shoot up and follow through.

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