Want to know how I got to the pros? Attitude... Having a good one! The old saying "attitude determines your altitude" is very true. Of course, having a skill and ability to perform on the court must be there along with the passion and drive to do so, but if your attitude is no good, you will find various roadblocks along the way. So why make your aspiration harder than it has to be?

I have always had the ability to apply my skills and make them benefit the team. However, I had times in my youth where I didn't always have a good attitude. I had to change that if I wanted to succeed at the highest level. Pro athletes make up 1% or less of their athletic peers. To get there, ability is only one part of that equation. A coach wants to work with someone who is coachable; to see them succeed the athlete must show a willingness to listen and execute what has been taught.

Coaches have a lot of ability to help you get where need to go and if you have skill but a poor attitude, sometimes it can stop right there! Don't let that happen to you... Be someone who comes on the court with a team attitude, a desire to win, and a willingness to listen!

I recall a story of a young college football athlete who attended a prominent college, and had tons of promise to go pro. His friends were being drafted to the NFL and he was sure to be one too! However, he had a really poor attitude...cursing at the coach and teammates when plays didn't go as he thought, ignoring his coach's feedback, and eventually he became benched for a season. And guess what...it was the last and most important season for him to play, be seen by scouts, and get invited to the NFL Combine. Well, he didn't get played so scouts did not see him. In addition, his coach did not promote him to scouts; all because he had a poor attitude on the field. Needless to say, his friends went to the NFL but he didn’t!
That story pains me when I recall it each and every time. But it is a lesson worth knowing. You want to be the one the coach can count on, doesn't have to constantly "bark" at you, and is eager to play you on the court (or the field) because you can execute as taught or coached. That will get you tons of play time and will get you noticed in the right ways! Isn't that ultimately what you want? So...have a good attitude and your contributions will be all the more valuable.