5 Minute Plank Series

5 Minute Plank Series

Planks. Love them or hate them, planks are undeniably one of the best exercises for a strong core.

The variations of this one exercise are endless – check out this 5 minute plank series with a handful of plank variations that are sure to fire up not only your core, but also your entire body.

Did you know that there are numerous benefits to regularly incorporating planks into your work out routine? While a six-pack is nice, planks have been proven to reduce low back pain, increase flexibility, and improve posture and balance. Some would argue that planks even improve your mood, stretching out muscle groups that contribute to stress and tension in the body.

Plank Circuit:

  • :30 forearm hold
  • :15 side plank
  • :15 side plank with elbow to knee crunches – right
  • :15 side plank
  • :15 side plank with elbow to knee crunches – left
  • :15 lift right leg
  • :15 lift left leg
  • :15 lift right arm
  • :15 lift left arm
  • :15 lift left arm and right leg
  • :15 lift right arm and left leg
  • :30 elbow to same knee (high or low plank)
  • :30 elbow to opposite knee (high or low plank)
  • :30 hight to low plank
  • :30 forearm hold – burn it out!

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