10 Minute Crunchless Abs

10 Minute Crunchless Abs

Tired of doing crunches? So are we. Check out this 10 minute core routine you can incorporate into your weekly workout rotation any time, any place. When working out your core it is important to include exercises that work your lower abs, upper abs, obliques, and lower back to get efficient and effective results. Get ready to fire it up with this core circuit!

Circuit Breakdown:

  1. Warm up: inchworm
  2. Three-legged dog: knee to nose, knee to same elbow, knee to opposite elbow
  3. Boat pose: in & outs; Russian twists
  4. Leg raises: lifts & lowers, scissors, flutter kicks
  5. Side plank: hip dips; thread the needle
  6. Ab snails: with reverse tabletop
  7. Lower back: isolate uppers, isolate lowers, uppers and lowers, swimmers
  8. High or low plank: burn it out!
  9. Stretch & cool down: Upward facing dog/sphinx, child’s pose

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