10 Minute At-Home Workout

Free or extra time is hard to come by these days. We all have incredibly busy schedules, and it’s challenging to dedicate any part of our hectic days to working out, I get it. However, you can get into shape without spending countless hours in the gym. Some days, all you need is 10 minutes of intense exercise to keep you in shape. Don’t get me wrong, you do have to put in the time to get the results you desire, so make the most of your precious minutes and seconds each day with a high intensity workout that will leave you drenched in sweat.


First, make sure that you warm-up and stretch properly. Intense workouts require the proper preparation of your body. Failure to “get ready” will result in injury or the inability to complete the exercise, which may be a waste of your precious time.

The Experience: Endurance

After warming up and stretching, go to a wall in or outside. Place your hands above the wall about eye level, shoulder width apart. Begin the wall run, remembering to keep your knees high and arms completely extended. After 15 seconds, drop to the ground and complete a set of five pushups. Return to the wall and begin the wall run again maintaining the proper form for 15 more seconds, followed by five more pushups. After three consecutive cycles of running and pushups, you have completed one set. Take a 45-second break before starting your next set. Try completing three sets.

The Experience: Legs

Upon completion of phase one, take four cones and line them up 10 yards apart. If you do not have cones, you can use any markers that you want. At the first cone, begin with 15 squats. On the last squat, hold for 15 seconds in the down position. When finished, sprint to the second cone and then back to the first, then to the third cone, then back to the first, then to the fourth cone and back to the first. Complete another set of squats and running; that is one set. Try completing two or three sets.

The Experience: Core Plus

The final phase tests your endurance, core and upper body strength. Begin in a high plank position and hold for 30 seconds. Then transition to 30 seconds of mountain climbers. Add a set of low plank jacks. End with 10 pushups. That equals one set. Rest for a minute or less before the next set. Try completing two sets.

You can adjust any of the sets by increasing or decreasing reps, rest time or the number of sets. My advice, set a timer for 10 minutes and get to work!

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