Using Proper Nutrition to Maximize your Workouts

Proper nutrition is essential to general health and wellness, but it plays a particularly prominent role in the world of athletics. Pushing your body through tough workouts is necessary to achieve maximum potential, and keeping the right fuel in your system is one of the best ways to ensure continuous growth and full recovery. There are varying levels of scientific considerations to implement into your diet, but a simple, consistent balance is the greatest key to nutritional success.

Finding a functional, daily diet that works for you is the first step. BetterHealth suggests athletes design a daily energy intake consisting of:

  • 45-65% from carbohydrates
  • 15-25% from protein
  • 20-35% from fat

General misconceptions are that carbohydrates and fats are “bad” for you, and that protein is the only nutrient that promotes growth. In reality, any food group consumed in excess with neglect to others will present detriments to performance. Both carbs and fats play a special role in food energy, and athletes need them.

Fats should be the primary fuel for low to moderate intensity exercise, as they offer muscles energy to slowly break down during endurance workouts. Carbohydrates offer quickly processed fuel for bursts of energy during competition or towards the end of workouts. Fats and carbs alike, when consumed with intention, are the keys to staying on your feet through your workouts and competition.

Nutrients that promote recovery after workouts

Protein is tied most directly to muscle growth, and it is for the way that it helps muscles recover. Eating nothing but chicken and protein shakes won’t simply make you get bigger, faster, or stronger. Heavy protein meals should be saved for after workouts because they will help aid recovery—keeping you going day after day.

A balanced, nutrient rich diet is necessary for general health and wellness, but imperative to athletic success. Make sure that your body is properly fueled to ensure you get the most out of your workouts and have the potential to recover quickly.

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