LSU tops Florida for College World Series Title

The College World Series concluded last night with LSU outlasting Florida by a score of 18-4. This year’s tournament was one of the most competitive in history, and the championship was highlighted by every aspect of baseball that fans could ask for. There were home runs, great defensive plays, stoic pitching performances, and even a controversial call on the field. With three of the top-five picks in the upcoming MLB draft on the field for the championship series, sparks were sure to fly and the hype was met. For parents who tuned in, and for those looking for something to talk about with their athlete this week, Monday night’s game opened the door to a great discussion about momentum.

Baseball is a team game, and emotions tend to run as high on the diamond as anywhere else in sports. For young ball players—from little league to the collegiate ranks—emotions can be overwhelming as they swing from to dugout to dugout relentlessly. In the championship series, momentum told the story. Game one was settled—in favor of LSU—by one run in a dramatic, extra innings affair. Game two was the polar opposite, with the Florida Gators winning in dominating fashion, 24-4. The table was set for a showdown in game three, but the LSU Tigers had a different idea in mind.

Florida got ahead early, but LSU proved its ability to adapt to versatility and quickly took back the lead. They held onto it for the rest of the evening, stacked on top of it, and turned the narrative into a domineering effort of their own.

The LSU Tigers ability to manage momentum led them to their title

The LSU Tigers could have very easily succumbed to the pressure of an embarrassing loss on Sunday afternoon, but instead decided to have a short memory. As a group they committed to erasing the vision of losing by 20 runs, and centered their focus on playing their best game of the year in the championship final. Say what you will about bullpen depth or availability—there is certainly a case to be made there—but both of these teams were depleted by Monday night, and their situations were near equal. If nothing else, Florida held all of the momentum coming into the game.

The grit, determination, and sheer stubbornness of the 2023 LSU Tigers baseball team serve as excellent examples for young ball players. It is a winning move to convey these attributes to your athlete so that they can advance themselves in the heat of competition. Owning the moment and maintaining composure are keys to victory no matter the circumstance.

LSU tigers win 2023 CWS

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