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The Benefits of Establishing a Coaching Philosophy

Repetition is the key to learning, and belief is the key to success. If you are repetitious with your beliefs as a coach, a culture of learning and success will naturally form among your players. Establishing a personal philosophy, owning it as your own, enforcing its execution, and reinforcing its importance is one of the greatest keys to success in building a strong foundation beneath a team. 

Let’s talk about what makes a good philosophy, and how having one will benefit your team

The most important ingredient in establishing a philosophy is authenticity. Whatever you plan to preach as a coach has to be based in your own personal practice. Whether that is taking care of the little things or sticking up for your teammates, whatever you choose to build your philosophy around has to be true to you. In order for your team to identify with what you preach, they have to believe in it. If you can get your team to buy into your philosophy early on, the job of being the coach becomes far more simple. 

When the identity of your team is based in your beliefs, you can lean on your philosophy as a solution to challenges. A shared identity among teammates creates a sense of cohesion in the face of adversity, and that connective feeling leads to confidence among individuals. Teammates that believe in each other, the philosophy of their coach, and their ability to overcome adversity are primed for success. 

As a coach, having your personal beliefs packaged into a philosophy and building your team upon that philosophy has great benefits. It allows for your players to feel unified in their goals, how they go about achieving them, and how they will respond to challenges in games and throughout a season. As long as it is authentic, the philosophy you chose to establish can be focused on anything, and the more affirmatively you stand by it, the more quickly your team will identify with it.

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