10 Qualities That Make A Basketball Player Great

Becoming a great basketball player is so much more than just refining the skills you display on the court. While a combination of hard work, practice and natural talent does go a long way in helping to develop a player, true greatness in basketball is achieved through developing the “intangibles” as well. The traits that aren’t easily identifiable, but are the most important for reaching greatness in the sport. Here’s what ten different CoachUp coaches listed as their one quality, more than any other, that makes basketball players great.

Private basketball coaches share insight on the qualities that make a player great


“Having a sense of awareness about the game. A player that understands that the game isn’t just about him/her putting the ball in the basket is going to be a much better player than a player that averages 30 ppg and thinks that’s all that matters.  About 80% of kids think the game is about them learning how to score and it’s not.”

Adam J., Nashville, TN.

Strong Mind

“I believe a player with a strong mind has an advantage over any player, and if that player can put the rest together, they have the chance to become GREAT! The game is 70% mental and 30% skill. If you can focus and engage in every task that you have, you can become the best with a strong work ethic.” – DJ L., Katy, TX.

Desire to Get Better

I believe the  greatest quality any basketball player, or any athlete, needs to be great is an unwavering desire to get better. If a player has this quality, they will ALWAYS work hard and never be satisfied.” – Matt B., Fountain Valley, CA.


“Determination is a quality that cannot be substituted, taught, or faked and it has to boil up naturally from within. Determination, regardless of the outcome of the game, is easy to identify by any coach, player, or spectator.” – Vitto C., Miami, FL.


“One quality that makes a basketball player great is passion because if you are passionate about the sport then you will go to any length to be successful. Whether that is waking up early, training hard, eating properly, etc., your passion for the sport will make you push harder even when you want to quit.” – Alana T., Tampa, FL.

Mentally Tough

“Mentality. Basketball, as with many other sports, is a mental game more so than it is physical. Those who are mentally tough can push themselves through mentally and physically demanding tasks that arise in games and practices.” – Zach S., Santa Clara, CA.

Being Coachable

“Are you coachable?” Being coachable requires a set of characteristics and moral skills which allow the athlete to learn, be an effective listener and communicator in order to achieve their maximum potential. Think about developing the 4C’s: Character, Communication, Consistency and Coachability.” – Coach J., Baton Rouge, LA.


“One quality that a basketball player should have is confidence in their skills in game settings. Confidence that is there regardless of who they are playing, where they are playing, or what is happening in the game.” – Erik B., Golden, CO.

Will to Prepare to Win

“The will to win is great to have, but everybody has that. A great player must have the will to prepare to win. That will set great players apart from mediocre players.” – Allen C., Woodstock, NY.

Making Your Teammates Better

“The ability to make their teammates better. Many players can play at a high level individually, but do they raise their teammates’ level when they play?” – Andy S., Klamath Falls, OR.  

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private coach asking questions. Teach basketball player to be great

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