3 Steps for Creating a Coaching Philosophy

Your coaching philosophy stems from answering one question: How do you want to be seen and remembered by your players (and their parents if coaching youth)?

Many aspects go into answering this question. Things to consider include your view on winning, development, participation, teaching style, and ultimate purpose.

3 Steps to Creating Your Coaching Philosophy

  1. Take one minute to brainstorm and write what comes to mind related to coaching.
  2. Review what you have on your list.
  3. Take your list and sum it up in 6 words or fewer.

Following these steps will provide you with an easy to remember, yet powerful explanation for the reason and way you do what you do.

Sample Coaching Philosophies

Below you will find a list of coaching philosophies that were created using the three steps above. A wide variety have been shared for you to see what following the steps can lead to.

  1. Educate communities. Elevate performance. Empower lives. 
  2. Improve knowledge. Improve training. Improve Skills. 
  3. Teach athletes to strive to win. 
  4. Positively impact the lives of others.
  5. Develop life-long love for sports. 
  6. To make sure my son plays.
  7. Make it better than I had. 
  8. Not good enough to still play. 
  9. It keeps me active in basketball. 
  10. It’s fun helping the players develop. 
  11. Passion for helping others surpass expectations. 
  12. Stay active. Teach others. Impact lives.


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