You Can Now Decline Coaching Opportunities

We understand that not ever coaching opportunity that comes your way via CoachUp is right for you. However, until very recently there was no way for you to pass on a coaching request or make it clear that you were not interested. That’s why we recently launched the ability to “Decline” a coaching opportunity. Declining an opportunity is important for several reasons: —When you decline an opportunity you also provide information as to why you were not interested, which we will use to help improve the relevance of the coaching opportunities we send your way. —By declining or replying to coaching opportunities within 48 hours you demonstrate your responsiveness, which will increase the likelihood we send more coaching opportunities your way. So how exactly does the new “Decline” feature work you ask – just read the following step-by-step instructions and you should hopefully have all the answers you need. 1) When you receive a new coaching request, you have the ability to decline directly from the email: Decline From Email   You can also begin the declining process from your message inbox: Decline From Message Inbox   2) After you’ve indicated you want to decline the opportunity, we just ask that you give us a little more information as to why – choose whichever answer is most accurate: Reasons For Declining   Declining an opportunity will remove the message from your inbox, so don’t do so unless you’re absolutely certain you’re not interested. ———————————————— If you have any additional questions or feedback about this feature or anything CoachUp related, you can always contact us at or by calling us at 1-888-680-4750.

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