You Are What You Eat: Tom Brady’s Unusual Diet

Regardless of your fan ship, most everyone can agree that Tom Brady seems to get better as he gets older. His consistent play on the field speaks volume to his diet–which has recently been revealed to be pretty strict (and a little quirky).  

In an interview last year, sat down with Allen Campbell, the Brady family chef, and detailed what the legendary quarterback eats, doesn’t eat, and how he builds one of the best diets in the entire world.

For instance: Brady’s diet consists of 80% vegetables and 20% lean meat — everything else, fruits, carbohydrates, and sugar, is cut out entirely.

The trouble with many young athletes today, both at the High School and Professional levels, is that they don’t often sustain a healthy, reliable diet. It’s hard, totally, who doesn’t love toast with their eggs or a cold soda every once in a while? However, while these foods are OK in moderation, they can truly destroy your training efforts quickly. To avoid those potential issues or desires, Brady has opted to ditch them entirely. You can read the entire fascinating interview right over here — but here are our other favorite highlights from the piece!

“It’s very different than a traditional American diet. But if you just eat sugar and carbs—which a lot of people do—your body is so acidic, and that causes disease. Tom recently outed Frosted Flakes and Coca-Cola on WEEI. I love that he did that. Sugar is the death of people.”  “I think that’s what makes [the job] so gratifying for me. If I was cooking for anyone else who didn’t respect and appreciate my food as much as they did, it wouldn’t be as gratifying for me. I think that’s what makes me happy at the end of the day. I get to really do what I want, and they get to benefit.” 

Now, when you’re watching Brady run and throw, you’ll now know where some of his fuel comes from!, Hilary Sargent — Meet the chef who decides what Tom Brady eats—and what he definitely doesn’t


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