CoachUp Debuts First TV Commercial Ever!

CoachUp Debuts First TV Commercial Ever!

While all of us at CoachUp were super disappointed at the result of Game 3 last night, in which the Oklahoma City Thunder hammered the Golden State Warriors for a series lead in the Western Conference Finals, we still had a major reason to celebrate. In the Boston area, Brookline, Allston, Arlington, etc, we aired our very first commercial on television! Around 10:15, during late third quarter action, our newest commercial featuring Stephen Curry and Julian Edelman flashed in front of our eyes.

As a company, it’s so incredibly gratifying to see your hard work pay off, but it motivates us at CoachUp to work even harder. If you missed it, no sweat — it’ll air again during Game 4, so keep your eyes peeled! For those outside of Boston, no worries — we’ll make it out to you soon too. Or, if you want to watch it again in all its wondrous glory, you can check it out below.

Let’s go Warriors!


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