Wichita State teaches young athletes about injury

This story is a couple weeks old now, but it is so utterly fantastic that we couldn’t help but share, even now. As a reader of this blog, you probably know that CoachUp believes parents and coaches have a massive responsibility to keep our young athletes safe. So, when we found out that Wichita State hosted a youth sports safety clinic before a collegiate volleyball game in November, we may or may not have thrown a party here in Boston in celebration. In an article written by KSN, a local news affiliate in Kansas, they detail the fantastic opportunity they gave parents and athletes to learn about their bodies, symptoms, and preventative measures. One quote in particular really struck us as a powerful reminder — it reads:

“I think it’s important for the kids to know, because they’re the ones who feel it and they know what happened,” said Wichita resident David Gardner.  “They’re the ones who know that something is not right and they do need rest regardless of what an adult might tell them to get back out there and tough it up, they might say no, I don’t feel right.”

In addition to general knowledge, these young athletes were taught about major and minor injuries, hydration, positive thinking, and, of course, concussions. WSU even had a pair of concussion goggles so that athletes could experience what it’s like to go through such a traumatic event and better prepare themselves for the future. All in all, we can’t stress how amazing events like these are. It may seem simple, but the education of these athletes before they suffer an injury is so important. Learning how their body feels ahead of time can make a world of difference in the decision-making and recovery stages moving forward. Hats off to WSU for helping us grow as a community! KSN –WSU hosts youth sports safety clinic

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