Coach Jon Solomon with Allen Iverson

Coach Spotlight: Jon Solomon Basketball

Coach Jon Solomon is a gold level CoachUp basketball instructor and the CEO of Self Motivated Athletic Agency. His upbringing as a player was riddled with adversity and strong leadership influence, which led to the development of his style of coaching. An approach that he has successfully deployed across 11 countries over the past eight years, and that earned him a feature on ESPN’s Sportscenter.

As a young player, Coach Jon played for Sam Rines—Kobe Bryant’s former AAU coach—who implemented a strict focus on the fundamentals of the game. That focus built a base for Coach Jon to develop further skills upon, and helped him to take his playing career into the college ranks at Arcadia University.

Coach Jon’s personal and professional basketball experience has set him and his clients up for continued success

Following his playing days, Coach Jon took to travel and international coaching. He spent a number of years coaching in the Chinese CBA, and for a variety of professional European teams. He credits his diverse experience to the success he’s had relaying his knowledge to the youth he coaches today.

Much of his coaching philosophy is derived from his days as a young player on Sam Rines’ team. With new clients, Coach Jon likes to focus on building a strong foundation, brick by brick. From learning the athletic stance, to proper shooting technique, footwork drills, and practicing mental toughness, it is Coach Jon’s priority to help his athlete’s set goals and achieve them.

As CoachUp’s 13th ranked basketball coach in the state of California, he has been a trusted resource to his clients since 2016, and is well worth consideration for anyone seeking high-level basketball coaching in the greater Los Angeles area!

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7 Responses

  1. Coach Jon has been coaching my daughter for three months now and she has shown tremendous improvement. Before meeting Jon my daughter Nina has not really played basketball. Today, she has mastered both left hand and right hand lay ups, has the understanding of the importance of right form/stance when shooting, and foot works. It’s a pleasure working with Coach Jon who has contributed to my daughter making the varsity team at her school.

    1. Coach Jon has worked with me for several months now and helped me improve on a lot of weaknesses while still polishing my strengths. Great guy to work with at any age. Highly recommend. Love to see it.

  2. After meeting him at an Advantage Camp, I trained with Jon for over five years. We worked out almost every weekend and through each of our many sessions, I felt I had gotten better. He works endlessly to get your shot just right and is big on conditioning. An overall great coach/trainer!

  3. Coach Jon is the best. I didn’t start playing basketball until I was in 7th grade and was cut from the team freshman year. After training with coach, my game elevated and I was a starter my junior and senior year. Amazing coach.

  4. Jon is not only a great coach, but he installs a great work ethic pushing people to the next level. Great coach for any skill level

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