Why Cutting Calories Doesn’t Work

Ready for the harsh reality?

One of the most unproductive ways to lose weight is to simply cut your calories.

I’ll admit, I used to advise my clients that in order to drop those unwanted pounds they had to reduce to the amount of food they consumed. It seemed logical at the time, and it still holds true for people who overeat during each meal. But the truth of the matter is that losing weight is more complicated than cutting calories.  

To keep it simple, burning fuel or processing food is the responsibility of our metabolism. The higher our metabolic rate, the more processing or burning occurs inside the body.
If you reduce the amount of food you consume, your body will process food significantly slower than usual. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. 
To keep your metabolism functioning at a high rate, you want to actually eat more food than normal or simply break up your meals into smaller portions. In other words, try cutting your serving sizes as opposed to cutting calories.
In addition, adding the right type of food to your diet and eliminating bad food can drastically transform your body’s ability to burn unwanted fat. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption and carbonated drinks. Also, reduce the amount of processed foods from your diet that contain preservatives and other additives that have a negative impact on your digestive system. Add more fruits and vegetables and healthy fats that can be found in nuts and fish. Incorporate more lean protein in your meals, especially for breakfast and dinner when your body is “turning on” or “shutting down.” These changes will help you maintain a healthy metabolic rate as well as provide the proper fuel needed for energy throughout your day. 

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