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Jumping rope is an essential exercise for the improvement of quickness and agility in the sport of football. CoachUp’s own, Dawon Dicks, teaches you how to use weighted jump ropes to improve shoulder strength, posture, foot speed and body weight control to make you as explosive as possible on the football field.

My name is Dawon Dicks, I’m one of the CoachUp coaches. The jump rope is a total body movement gotta be very strong at your feet and then having what we call very light feet where you’re able to put your force through the ground and literally get right back up. Posture wise you’re gonna have to keep your chest up, keep your shoulders back. The heavier rope now is giving you a lot more strength at your form. It’s gonna work your shoulders it’s gonna improve your posture, it’s gonna improve your foot speed and your overall body weight control. So the jump rope packs a mean punch in a very very small piece of equipment.

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