Weekend Fun: The World Cup Drill

Now, this isn’t technically a drill as it’s often a reward for finishing a tough practice or winning an equally difficult fixture on the schedule. However, we love the World Cup Drill so we’re going to highlight it all the same for this edition of Weekend Fun! The games and drills we feature here will range from demanding to casual, but you’ll love them all the same. Perhaps the best part about the World Cup Drill is that you can do it anywhere, anytime, and with any amount of players, all you’ll need is:

  • A net
  • A goalie
  • And a couple of soccer balls depending on the amount of competitors

First things first, determine the amount of people playing — anywhere between 1-8 competitors can be played in the solo version. If you’ve got most of the team involved, so in the 10-20 person range, it’ll be smartest to join up with a teammate and dominate together. Once you’ve formed teams, put your keeper in net, pick a country, and start playing. The competition will begin with a punt straight up from the goalie and teams will attempt to score against every other squad. For this reason, it’s why we don’t really consider it a drill as the hodgepodge of teams and players collapsing on each other makes for some sloppy, crowded soccer. Before each shot, you must call out your country in order to avoid confusion, otherwise, your goal will not count. Once you score, you’ve moved onto the next round and you leave the field to watch. Eventually, every team will be off the field except for two — the team that does not score this final goal is eliminated. Think of it as musical chairs but with soccer goals instead! If you’ve got a ton of teams but a lack of time, try throwing a second ball into the mix — the extra chaos and unpredictable nature will throw a wrench in anyone’s plan. This system will repeat over and over until there are just two teams left — once you’re there, consider playing to two goals in order to ramp up the tension. Ultimately, this is a fun last-man-standing competition for teams that deserve an award; but it’s also a great game to get a group of friends playing on the weekend without having to run too much. How is your soccer season going so far? Have you mastered the World Cup Drill? Let us know your best stories below!

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