Balloon Volleyball: A Training Game for Kids

Balloon volleyball is a great, interactive way to incorporate volleyball fundamentals into a game designed for younger children. This game introduces kids to volleyball form, techniques, and movement, while also engaging them in a fun activity that they are sure to love. ###Safe to Try at Home! As one can assume from the name, Balloon Volleyball incorporates the use of a balloon rather than a volleyball during play. Children may stand in a circle or even on either side of a low net. Like in volleyball, the objective is to hit the ball back and forth to one another. When hitting the balloon, kids are introduced to and can start to be instructed in correct volleyball form, positioning, and techniques. Substituting the balloon in for the volleyball is dually beneficial. The balloon not only provides a softer alternative to the hard ball, but also gives children more time to properly position themselves before attempting to return the balloon. A child looking to start volleyball training benefits from Balloon Volleyball, as it allows him or her to simulate the sport and learn the skills behind it before dealing with the speed and weight of a real ball. Once children become confident with their skills, they can then incorporate a heavier ball and feel assured they have the right techniques to react to certain hits with the proper form and motions. Balloon volleyball is a simple and fun way to develop the basic skills of the sport at a young age, laying the foundation for a real game scenario. Younger children will benefit from this engaging game, as it provides them with the tools to learn and later excel. #####CHECK OUT OUR [RESOURCES PAGE]( FOR MORE VOLLEYBALL TIPS

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