Dancing isn’t only a fun, exciting way to work out, it’s healthy too. With many different types of dancing out there, you’re bound to find one that’s right for you. Below is a brief description of various forms of dance to check out!

Ballet: Ballet is probably the most popular type of dance that parents sign their kids up for at a young age. It’s traditionally performed in theaters and respected throughout the world. It requires patience, flexibility and dancers who are light on their feet. When performed correctly, ballet is eloquent and beautiful, but it’s not so easy to be good right away. Ballet is pretty similar in all forms, but there is classical, neoclassical and contemporary ballet. There are schools dedicated to teaching and training ballet to prepare dancers to perform in famous plays such as the Nutcracker and Romeo and Juliet.

Tap: Tap dancing is performed with special tap shoes that are used like drumsticks to perform a rhythm and noise on the dance floor. The overall goal of tap dancing is to perform a beat with one’s dance moves. Tap dancing doesn’t only make noise, it is also fast, vibrant and exciting to watch. Tap classes are easily available, and it is easy to take up at a young age.

Jazz: Jazz originated in the early 1900’s from African American culture. It has been performed in many different forms and is really common among young kids. Jazz is known for some of its moves such as “jazz hands” or spins. Jazz can also be performed to different types of music such as pop. To picture modern Jazz, think of some of Michael Jackson’s moves.

Hip-Hop: Hip-Hop, as it implies, is performed to hip-hop music and was originally performed on the streets by people making up moves on the spot. Hip-hop is very lively and really allows individual personalities to come out. Some popular hip-hop moves are breaking, popping and locking. Hip-hop is popular in movies and shows, but because it’s so prevalent in urban cultures, where styles and themes change constantly, there are new moves all the time.

Modern: Modern dance focuses on inner emotions and can sometimes look similar to ballet. Unlike ballet, however, modern dance uses body weight to exaggerate movements instead of being light on your feet. There are many different types of modern dance, and it is popular among younger athletes.

Swing: Swing Dancing is fun, energetic dancing that involves literally swinging your partner around the dance floor. Swing is fun for dancers of all ages and especially popular among adult couples. It’s a great way to meet new people and get a workout. There are classes that teach you the basics, but you can add individual moves whenever you like.

Belly Dance: Belly dancing is just what is sounds like. You use your stomach muscles to help you move and dance. Belly dancing is a nice core workout and a fun way to show personality. Belly dancing originated in the middle east as a solo dance but can also be performed with large groups. Many regions have taken on their own forms, so you often see some belly dancing that is more provocative than others, such as singer/dancer Shakira.

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