Top Five Wide Receivers for 2017

Playing wide receiver in the NFL can seem like a challenging task, yet these game-stopping athletes make it look like a walk in the park. They boast incredible grabs out of thin air, tip-toe catches on the sideline, sure hands in high traffic and blazing speed down the field. Here is a list of my top five receivers in the game today:

5. DeAndre Hopkins

  • Pros– Hopkins has great size and athleticism. His large hands make catching footballs an easy task and his physical nature make him tough to bring down. 
  • Cons– Instability at the quarterback position caused a drop in his numbers. His frustration was observed on and off the field with sharp words in interviews and lackluster performances in a number of games. Look for him to have a bounce back year with a promising new quarterback.

4. Dez Bryant

  • Pros– He’s a very physical player with exceptional athleticism. He can run any route on the field and rack of yards after the catch. 
  • Cons– He’s highly emotional and at times his mental stability has a negative affect on his gameplay.

3. Odell Beckham, Jr.

  • Pros– Beckham is an exciting player to watch. He has great hands and speed along with good route running capabilities. 
  • Cons– Also an emotional player that can be neutralized with the double team.

4. Julio Jones

  • Pros– He has the best combination of size and speed at his position. He can also run any route on the field and has great playmaking ability. 
  • Cons– He can be neutralized with the double team.

5. Antonio Brown

  • Pros– He can turn any play into a touchdown with his great speed and quickness. Probably the best route runner in the game. 
  • Cons– His size permits physical defenders to slow him down. The double team can neutralize this player.

*Please note*
Determining “the best” at any position in football is both complicated and subjective.

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