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Tips to Create Your Own Recruiting Video

If you are interested in playing sports in college (even collegiate cheerleading!) a recruiting video is a must, but getting a professional video produced can be pricey. SportsMOM recently shared tips and tricks to create a video to highlight your talents at home. Below are 9 points to remember when putting a video together. Above all else, don’t let distractions like graphics and music take away from showcasing what you can do!

  • Start with your best stuff
  • Keep your video to no longer than 7 minutes
  • Do something to make yourself stand out
  • Edit your video yourself
  • Don’t add music to your highlights
  • Use spot shadows or arrows
  • Add graphic at beginning and end
  • Post your video online
  • Create a website

Need a little extra coaching to wow recruiters this season? We’ve got you covered. For more information on what it takes to play sports in college read our recent blog post. We’ve also shared myths about playing sports in college to help give you a realistic idea of what you are about to encounter.   [maxbutton id=”17″]  

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