Field hockey isn’t just for women! Check out some fun facts about men’s field hockey.


Not many Americans have ever seen a field hockey game, much less a men’s field hockey game. Chances are you may have only watched a few minutes of a game during the Olympic highlights on a Sunday night. Although it isn’t popular in the US, field hockey is actually the world’s third most popular sport for women AND men! Check out some more fun facts about men’s field hockey:


1) Field Hockey was one of the original sports in the ancient Olympic; games, but eventually disappeared. The sport reappeared in the Olympics in 1908 as a men’s game while women’s field hockey didn’t reach the modern Olympics until 1980.


2) Field hockey is most watched in Europe, India, Pakistan, South Africa, the Pacific Southeast, Asia, and South America. Men’s participation is most popular in the Netherlands, Argentina, and China. Unfortunately, the trend has not yet made it to the US.


3) Men can swing a field hockey stick at an astonishing speed of 103 mph. This swing speed is faster than golf clubs and even baseball bats.


4) Deceased celebrity, Heath Ledger, was a field hockey star. Ledger played field hockey in Australia on the state U17 squad before moving onto acting.


5) Although there is no NCAA men’s field hockey, many men chose to play on clubs around the US. A few of the most popular regions for men’s field hockey include the San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, and New York City. One of the largest men’s clubs is the North East Field Hockey Association.


6) Brothers Patrick and Sean Harris from the USA Men’s Field Hockey team started playing for a local club team in California at the ripe young age of five.


7) Field hockey men are tough. A men’s field hockey game may look more like rugby than anything. North East Field Hockey Association’s player, Danny Haydon, asserts that “In the U.K.,” he said, “it’s well known we can drink just as well as the rugby guys.”


Although men’s field hockey isn’t popular in the United States, it continues to grow and be a dominant sport around the world. Interested in getting involved with the untapped realm of men’s field hockey? Check out CoachUp’s list of field hockey coaches in your area!

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