Three Ways for Coaches to Grow Business Within Their Community

The greatest advantage for coaches using CoachUp is the benefit of being backed by the organization. We offer a secure payment processing platform, liability insurance, and organic marketing to each of our coaches. Beyond these benefits, there is plenty more that a coach can do to grow their business. They can make further, independent outreach, spreading a wider net to gain prospective clients and make a bigger impact on their community. CoachUp takes care of the heavy lifting that gets new coaches off the ground, and can help propel existing coaches forward. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, every coach can take their business to a new level by using the following three tips.

Collaborate with local sports organizations and schools

One effective way to connect with potential clients is by partnering with local sports organizations, schools, and community centers. Many of these institutions are on the lookout for expert coaches to enhance their athletes’ performance. Here are a few different ways to build relationships at these staples of your community:

  • Host coach education sessions
    Host workshops for other coaches or physical education teachers to share your expertise. When coaches recognize the value you bring, they may recommend your services to prospective clients.
  • Sponsor local sporting events
    Sponsor or volunteer at local sporting events to increase your visibility. Display your coaching credentials and connect with athletes and parents who might be interested in your services.
  • Guest speaking at events
    Volunteer to speak at sports-related events or conferences. Being a thought leader in the community will raise your profile and attract potential clients seeking your expertise.

Offer free workshops for coaches and athletes

Organizing a free showcase for local athletes or a workshop for other local coaches is a great way to further integrate yourself in your community. These events will not only allow you to meet new people in the neighborhood, but offer you the chance to showcase your own expertise. Offering these events for free is a small cost for what will come back to you in return. Here are a few things to consider when organizing an event:

  • Target your audience
    Tailor your event to specific groups, such as youth athletes, college students, or individuals looking to improve their fitness. This targeted approach will attract individuals who are genuinely interested in your coaching services.
  • Deliver valuable content
    Focus on providing practical tips, expert insights, and actionable advice during the event. Whether the audience is athletes or other coaches, ensure participants leave with valuable takeaways, regardless of whether they become paying clients immediately.
  • Collect contact information
    Make a digital registration form to collect contact information from those who attend. Follow up with them after the event to thank them for attending and provide additional resources or offers.

Host fitness classes for adults

Not every coach is fitness oriented or accredited to host such an event. However, if you are inclined to host such a class, the potential benefits that could come from it are widespread.

  • Showcase expertise and coaching style
    As with anything else you do as a coach, this class will offer you the opportunity to showcase your value. Further, if you are, let’s say, a basketball coach hosting your first adult fitness class, your style of coaching on the court and the value it offers those athletes will become visible to a new crowd.
  • Expand networking opportunities
    Most importantly, shifting your focus from your regular sports to adult fitness could lead to a variety of referrals. Maybe someone in attendance has a kid who needs a coach, and they discover you through this class. Maybe somebody who comes has a friend with that kid in need.
  • Diversify revenue streams
    Again, this may not be your typical type of coaching, but who’s to say you can’t be great at it? Adding depth to your services and expanding on your target audience will allow you to make more money and meet more people.

basketball coaches hosting a clinic

CoachUp is not just the safest and easiest way to find personalized coaching, it is the easiest way to securely begin the journey as a private coach. Check out all we have to offer right here and get to work today!

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