Basketball Tips: The Step Back

Former professional point guard and CoachUp coach Brandon Ball shows how to execute the step back to help you create space to get your shot off. To do the step back, dip your shoulder, step back, and land on both feet to jump straight up and down- make sure to hold your follow through!

Basketball Tips: The Step Back Hi, my name is Brandon Ball former pro point guard & CoachUp coach. “Ball up into the lane, scoops it up and in!” And this is a step back. The step back is simple. It’s the perfect move that creates space to get your shot off. Alright, let’s say you have a tough defender on you and you can’t get them on a double crossover, you can’t get them with, you know, any other move but you want to get that shot off, right? So when you drive into the basket, let’s say you’re driving left and you’re driving to the basket. Dip that shoulder. Now, you don’t wanna push off with your off arm. You don’t want to push off because that’s an offensive foul. Alright, so you wanna dip that shoulder, use that inside foot, plant and step back as far as you can to create as much space as possible. You wanna land on both feet and make sure you’re on balance, jump straight up, straight down. Hold your follow through and knock the shot down.

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