As the popularity of basketball continues to grow in America, so does the demand for good programs and resources for kids to develop their skills. The simple process of supply and demand has driven many of these programs out of reach of our nation’s youth. Let me explain.

In the NBA, many players and basketball coaches have off-season “tours” where they travel around the country running youth basketball camps. Now, I agree that the NBA has made large strides in community service and public perception, but you’d be kidding yourself if you thought that basketball camps are done only for the well-being of the community. This is what I mean.

The tuition for a camper at Michael Jordan’s flight school is $750 for a 5-day camp. This is the upper echelon of youth camps, as rates depend largely on brand recognition, but similar NBA team or player camps are normally priced at no less than $150 (Examples: Dwight Howard youth camp $199, Kobe Bryant youth camp $600). With prices like these, it is important that basketball training programs need to be implemented at a local level and supported by community efforts.

“To keep a child focused on programs in which they are excelling and for which they are receiving positive recognition from their coaches and peers is a “breeding ground for success in life”

It is sad to think that there are athletes that would inspire the world of basketball if only they had the right resources when they were younger and were able to develop those talents.

The importance of basketball training programs at a community level can impact the lives of our youth on a much larger scale than just skill progression in a sport. It can make a huge difference in the path that the child takes in life, and an even larger role in the development of that child’s confidence and mindset in everyday situations.

Athletics have long been associated with the development of confidence in an individual. It also instills great characteristics possessed by many successful individuals in all walks of life and all career paths. For example,

Athletics teaches:


Let me clarify.

COACHES teach all of those things. Athletics and basketball training programs are merely the vehicle that allows it to be so simply applied, and in the name of competition. That is why it is so critical that community leaders and coaches step up and offer athletic training programs into the everyday lives of our children.

With the help of CoachUp and local coaches, we are able to provide these resources to the Phoenix community and surrounding areas. Thank you for reading my article and for your consideration in choosing a training coach. Please send me any questions you may have.

Coach Michael