The CoachUp 2013 Coach Awards

We’re pleased to announce the winners of our first ever CoachUp Coach Awards. We established the CoachUp Awards to recognize our top coaches whose phenomenal work is helping athletes around the country reach another level. The CoachUp team took a number of factors into account when awarding these honors, such as: coach score, client reviews, testimonials, response rate, and first-hand experience working with coaches directly. Without further adieu we present…

The Coach of the Year Award by Sport

coachup coach of the year

Each of these coaches stood out as the best CoachUp coach in their respective sport based on the phenomenal experience they deliver to athletes.

Basketball – Mercedes Fox-Griffin

Soccer – Alex Pozo

Football – Greg Lewis

Baseball – Cash Scott

Running/ Track and Field – Tarmo Jallai

Volleyball – Nancy Todd

Swimming – James Cha

Softball – Crystalrae States

Lacrosse – Leo Hilton

Boxing – Tom Nyilis

Tennis – Jeff Brown


The Rising Star Award

rising star

This award is for a coach who joined the CoachUp team in 2013 and quickly rose up the rankings, reaching the Superstar level faster than any other coach.

Vantroi Chapman


The Coach Impact Award

impact award This award is for a coach whose clients can’t stop raving about him. This coach had a tremendous impact on all of his athletes, helping them reach another level not only in sports, but in life.

Brian Hoffman


The Extra Mile Award

extra mile This award is for a coach that goes above and beyond the call of duty. Not only does he have one of the highest Coach Scores, but he is a pleasure to work with, provides thoughtful feedback and adds extra value to clients beyond what is required of a CoachUp Coach.

Bobby Kirby


The CoachUp Coach of Year Award

coachup 1 coach of the year The last and final award goes to a very special coach.  He embodies all the values of CoachUp, and he has been an essential member of our coach community.  His athletes sing his praises, and he is always polite, courteous and thoughtful when speaking to our Customer Care team.  This basketball coach enriches our coach community by staying regularly engaged on CoachUp’s social media channels.

Zach Stevenson


Congrats to all of our coaches and make sure to stay tuned for the 2014 series of the CoachUp Coach Awards!

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