Tennis Tips: How To Hit A Two-Handed Backhand

Backhand and Forehand are equally important in tennis! Learn some tips on how to hit a two-handed backhand from former college tennis player and CoachUp coach Paul Hammond.

There is so much strategy in the game of tennis. At the baseline, service line, or at the net, you target different areas of the court to take your shot, and you use a different amount of power. When at the baseline, the strategy will always be to hit the ball deep and cross court to rally with your opponent until you have that opportunity to attack. Chances are your opponent like most players favor their forehand, making it a major part of your plan to go for their backhand. When that happens, and you take a shot down the line, or they try to hit to your presumed weaker shot, you will have to have a strong backhand to keep you in the game, and even give you the edge. Here are a few tennis tips to make you more comfortable and consistent with your two-handed backhand:

  1. Let’s say you are a righty. Place your right hand below your left hand. The right hand will be there to help with stability and to add power to the shot while the top hand will control the racquet face.
  2. Make the left palm face the ground, with a grip so that your racquet face stays closed. Bring your racquet back while bending your knees, so when you swing with the racquet face more closed, you’ll create a swing that is similar to the motion of a windshield wiper.
  3. Make sure when you are swinging to swing out and away from your body, rather than across your body. Keep your arms straight when you swing to help control the ball, and not hit it wide or short, and it will help you swing more out.

Think about all the great rallies between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, they are constantly going from cross court to down the line, waiting for a chance to attack or throw the other player off. They prepare with a split step, and then each shot, whether forehand or backhand, they consistently swing with power and control. They do not have a weak shot, and practicing tennis backhand drills or forehand drills, will make it so you will not either. 1 on 1 private tennis lessons, can help make your two handed backhand great, and all your tennis training transfer onto the court when it counts.



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