Tennis Tips: How To Hit A One-Handed Backhand

CoachUp Coach, and former college tennis player, Paul Hammond, explains the importance and mechanics of hitting a one-handed backhand.

Hi, my name’s Paul Hammond former Division 1 tennis player and CoachUp coach. And this is the one-handed backhand. Even a good two-handed player needs to occasionally be able to hit a one-handed backhand. It allows for more reach to get that ball back that one extra time. So when we’re working on the one-handed backhand the key is going to be to really focus on contacting the ball out in front and creating a little bit more space than you would with a two-handed backhand. It’s really important that I step out through my shot and that I leave enough room to be able to contact that ball out in front. Get my body weight behind the ball to drive the ball out, over the net.

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