Tennis Coaching Tips: Footwork of Volleying

Tennis Coaching Tips: Footwork of Volleying
Coming to the net can be a successful tactic in Tennis for a couple reasons:

1) Most tennis players are used to rallying from the baseline, so coming to the net will take your opponent out of his comfort zone. It can also make the tennis court seem smaller to him.

2) Attacking the net puts you in control, and your opponent will either have to pass you or play defensively.

3) Making your opponent try to pass you can lead to unforced errors

People think that having quick hands is the only important skill to be a successful volleyer. While that’s helpful, any tennis coach will tell you that it starts with your position and footwork. Having good footwork is essential to all parts of your tennis game. Think about all the different ways that your opponent can beat you at the net: passing shot, lob, or low and at your feet. Good footwork will make it harder for them to beat you with any of these. Here are a couple tennis tips from CoachUp for you to keep in mind when you’re at the net.

Position:tennis court will give your opponent less court to work with. The right position is especially important at the net because the person you’re playing will be looking for places to get the ball around you. Tennis is a game of angles, and you have to play these angles when you’re at the net. If you are inside the service line, you want to be on the same side of the court as the ball and take away angles. If you stand in the middle on a wide forehand you are giving up too much room down the line. So take that away by shading over slightly.

Split Step: Right as your opponent is about to hit, it is important that you get a deep split step. Staying low to the ground on your split step will make it easier to dig low shots, or move in whatever direction you need to. Make sure that you are holding your tennis raquet up around chest-height.

Stepping: Your last step should always be with the opposite foot of the side you’re volleying on. So if you’re a righty hitting a forehand volley, your last step should be with your left foot. If it’s close, just step with that foot. For volleys you can’t reach, step with your right foot, and then come across and step with the left before making contact.

Recovering: Always assume that your opponent will be able to return your shot. The second you follow through on your volley, you should be hustling to get back in the right position. You must be ready to split step if your opponent runs down your last volley.

By practicing good technique with your footwork, you will not have to rely on your good hands. This will help you avoid hitting awkward volleys. If you are ready to hit the volley, it’s easier to get better placement and more power. If your volleys have power and placement, you can stay on the attack and force your opponent to have to hit an incredible tennis shot to win every point.

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